About Me

Hair Stylist and Eyelash Technician


I have been doing hair for 5+ years.  My favorite thing to do is styling hair whether it’s cutting, installing hair extension colour and braiding.

Two things that are most rewarding to me in the industry are making people look and feel good about themselves, while giving them tips and tricks on how to achieve the look at home.

I’ve always had love for the beauty industry. I am also certified in classic eyelash extensions as well as volume lashes which provide a fuller more glamorous lash.

As women, we are amazing, we do so much all day every day.  But let’s not kid ourselves…regardless of how much we do, or who we are, we all have good days and bad days. And honey, there’s just nothing worse than a bad HAIR DAY.  But a GOOD hair day can turn anything around. When we look good, we feel good; and as a female go-getter, I want to empower women to look good/feel good every single day.  

As a business woman, mother, sister, friend, I know there are so many ways we can contribute to the lives of women in our sisterhood,  I choose to empower other women by helping them feel and look beautiful.. and all at an affordable price!

‚ÄčI invite you to go ahead and try a different look, a different length, a different style, because while it’s only hair, it really is ALL ABOUT THE HAIR.. and it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!