Eyelash Extensions

Hello Ladies!

Eyelash Extensions


Consultation 30 minutes / Optional

Let’s meet and get acquainted. Choosing a lash tech and hairstylist is not always easy. Let’s see if we are a good match!


Terms & Conditions




  • Non refundable deposit required when booking.
  • Be sure to read each detailed description of the service before booking.
  • Please arrive on time!  Arriving late will limit the time of your service. Additional $20 charge added to service up to 15min. 20 minutes late you will have to reschedule within the same month and will be charged 50% of service.
  • No call no show will be charged 100% of service If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment you will be charged 50% of service.
  • DO NOT WORK OVER OTHER ARTIST WORK! First time clients should always book a full set and removal if necessary.
  • 2-3 week refills 4 week is a full set.
  • Please read reminder text or email for everything you need to know prior to your appointment.

Classic Full Set

Price $100

Select the classic set for a natural everyday look. This set is light weight and full, enhancing your natural beauty. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking flawless.


Hybrid Full Set

Price $115

This will give you a little classic and a little drama at the SAME time! If you have thin or damaged lashes but want a fuller look than classic this is the set for you! If your lashes are really healthy and you’re stuck in between both book this look! It’s fabulous either way!


Volume Full Set

Price $120

The drama set is designed to take your lashes from natural to big and bold. This set is created using longer length mink lashes.


Classic Fill

Price $50


Hybrid Fill

Price $55


Volume Fill

Price $60


Lash Removal

Price $20

The lash extensions are safely removed without damaging the natural lashes.


Lash Cleaning 20 minutes

Price $20.00

Optional. To be done before a new set or fill. For clients who want to do everything they can to extend the life of their lash extensions. I thoroughly clean your lashes with a brush and ph balanced cleanser and then rinse with distilled water. It is mandatory for those who arrive with makeup on their lashes.

What type of lashes are used?

Premium Synthetic Mink and Silk lashes, because we love our furry friends and using real Mink is just too cruel! These lashes are soft to the touch, weightless, and are the most natural looking with gradual tapered ends like your own real lashes.


Camellia Lashes

Multiple lengths are placed on each single strip which can be used to create multi level Volume.

with different lengths for a more natural and multi dimensional effect.


Ellipse Lashes

The unique shape of the ellipse lashes (elliptical, flat, eclipse) allows for a more dramatic lash look

Ellipse eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for attaining the appearance of a thicker and fuller set of lashes without actually adding the weight. Which makes them perfect for clients who are looking for thicker lashes, but lack the natural lash strength to support heavier lashes.


How to care for eyelash extension?

Brush your new lovelies daily with the mascara wand provided to you avoid Steam and Water  on your new set of lashes for the first 10 hours, as the glue needs to cure. Avoid any oil based make up removers around your eyes as they will also remove your new lovelies!


How is it done?

Lash Extensions are individually applied to each of your own natural lashes using a medical grade adhesive, and are never adhered to new growth {baby lashes}, or the skin.


How long does it last?

Since you naturally shed lashes daily {the average natural lash life span is 60 – 90 days}, we recommend scheduling refills  spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart, to replace fallen lashes and to maintain your look.


Lash Drying Time

No more waiting 24 hours for your lashes to dry


Introducing The Nano Spritzer

What are the benefits to using a Nano mister?

The Nano mister was designed to speed up the adhesive’s curing process. It cuts the window of recommended “drying time” from 24-48 hours, down to 4-10 hours.  Aside from allowing the client to wet their lashes sooner, there are other benefits that come with this expedited drying time. Rapid curing leads to fewer irritations and allergic reactions from fumes, as the adhesive stops emitting fumes once initially sealed/cured. Clients are also less prone to dry, red eyes following their appointment, as the Nano mister replenishes any moisture that the naturally moisture-drawn adhesives may have pulled from the eyes during application.