Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions


Consultation 30 minutes / Optional

Let’s meet and get acquainted. Choosing a lash tech and hairstylist is not always easy. Let’s see if we are a good match!


Tape-In Extension

Price $130


Micro-Link Extension

Price $140


Traditional Weave(Closure)

Price $140


Traditional Weave (Leave Out)

Price $130


Fusion Extension

Price $140


Premium Human Hair Purchase Costs

Our traditional hair extensions service includes installation only, as most clients come to us already having their own hair extensions. However, we also offer sourcing and assistance with selection of the best human hair extension brands that are right for you.  We will either share with you our preferred hair extensions suppliers so that you can purchase from them on your own, or for an additional fee, we will source and purchase the hair for you directly. Premium top quality human hair prices vary, but typically range from $150.00-$600 CAN





Medium-(Mid Back)

Price $100


Medium-(Waist Length)

Price $ 120


Large-(Mid Back)

Price $100


Large-(Waist Length)

Price $120


Corn Row(2Braids)

Price $20


Corn Row(4Braids)

Price $40


Corn Row(6Braids)

Price $60

Before and after booking

The day before your appointment, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to strip away any oils or build up. Rinse and repeat. Do not use any conditioner or apply any styling products! This will help the bond stick to your natural hair better. If you’re going with the I-Link method, it prevents the beads from slipping. Also make sure your hair is completely dry and brushed out. Your stylist can wash and dry your hair for you (the installation is already going to take a few hours). It’ll save you the cost of a wash too!